Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vacations, courtesy of the New Deal

(Photo by Brent McKee. Click on the picture to enlarge.)

In the photo above, taken in July of 2013, vacationers are enjoying the lake, beach, and concession building at Herrington Manor State Park in western Maryland, all made possible by the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps (see The Civilian Conservation Corps: Roosevelt's Tree Army in Maryland). Visitors to the park can also stay in CCC-built cabins. 

For three-quarters of a century, Americans have enjoyed the thousands of parks created or improved by the CCC, the WPA, and other New Deal programs. Some people say that the New Deal didn't work. They should tell that to the millions of people who enjoy these areas every year. As vacationers roast marshmallows, hike through forests, and fish in these parks, New Deal Deniers should yell out to them, "Hey, it didn't work!"    

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