Friday, February 7, 2014

Elizabeth Warren for President

(Elizabeth Warren, photo courtesy of Wikipedia.)

Time and time again, Elizabeth Warren has fought for the middle-class and poor. Whether the issue is unemployment, or Social Security, or health care, or stagnant wages, or the tidal wave of crime coming out of Wall Street & Corporate America, you can count on Elizabeth Warren to advocate for the 99%.

Our choices for the next president, unfortunately, are probably going to be Hillary Clinton and whatever crazy Republican the GOP/Tea Party throws out there (Bachmann? Cruz? Palin?). I think Hillary Clinton will be a lot like Obama--very corporate friendly, out of fear of appearing too "socialist," or too "populist." Thus, she won't fight hard for things that help the middle-class and poor. Like Obama, she'll call for minor changes around the fringes, changes that won't challenge the stranglehold that the 1% now have over our lives. In sum, Clinton will not challenge plutocracy, Warren will. 

By 2016, we'll have had 28 straight years of the Bush-Clinton-Obama dynasty of kowtowing to Corporate America. And look where it's gotten us: Stagnant wages, high unemployment (much higher than the main official number we see every month), the largest prison-industrial complex in the world, a looming old-age poverty crisis, 35,000+ suicides every year (caused in part by unemployment and financial stress), white collar crime that goes unpunished, and much more.

We need a fighter in the White House, not another Bush, Clinton, or Obama. We need an Elizabeth Warren.

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