Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hillary Clinton, Goldman Sachs, Corporate "Inversions," and the Whole Tangled Mess of Organized Money

Above: Listen to what FDR thought about organized money controlling government. 

In 2010, Goldman Sachs settled securities fraud charges for $550 million. In April 2014, Goldman Sachs allegedly sought "U.S. non-prosecution agreements after saying they had reason to believe they helped Americans violate tax laws, according to three people familiar with the banks’ actions" (see "Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley Swiss Units Seek Tax Deals"). Also see, "Ex-Goldman director Gupta's insider trading conviction upheld."

Currently, Goldman Sachs is making millions by helping corporations leave America, so that the corporations don't have to pay taxes in the U.S. anymore.

Hillary Clinton is likely to be our next president and she has received hundreds of thousands of dollars--perhaps millions--from Goldman Sachs. And if a Republican happens to beat Clinton, we can be sure that he/she will have received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Goldman Sachs too, just as Republican Mitt Romney did.

If you want to know why American society is screwed up in so many ways, you can look to this whole tangled mess of organized money. And the fact that we continue to vote according to the wishes & supervision of Goldman Sachs (and other big financial institutions) indicates that we're asking for the financial abuse we receive.

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