Saturday, August 9, 2014

Golf Courses, Bobby Jones, and the WPA

(Golfer Bobby Jones, circa 1921. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.)

In the April 28, 1936 edition of the Washington Herald newspaper, the following was reported:

"Officials of the Works Progress Administration yesterday called in Bobby Jones for suggestions on the golf course projects for which that agency has allotted funds. The scope of the projects, which include improvements on or construction of some 600 public golf courses throughout the country surprised America's ace golfer. Emerging from the conference with Administrator (Harry) Hopkins and Assistant Administrator (Lawrence) Westbrook, Jones said: 'I had no idea their program was so extensive. It will help to bring the game within reach of people who want to play but can't afford membership in the private clubs. I'm going to New York to look over some of the courses on which they are working. Though I won't be connected officially with the Administration, I'll be glad to give them any suggestions I can to help the program.'"

 (This golf course in Oakland, Maryland began as a nine-hole course, constructed with the help of WPA labor. Photo by Brent McKee.)

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