Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Reverse New Deal - An all-out attack on the homeless (part 1 of 10): Jailing those who help them

Above: In this video, from November 2014, we see a 90-year-old World War II veteran being arrested for giving food to homeless people in Ft. Lauderdale. He faces up to two months of incarceration. As the comedian Russell Brand pointed out, he would have been safer--from a legal standpoint--carrying a gun instead of food. But there might be hope for the 90-year-old "criminal," as it was recently reported that "a Florida circuit court judge temporarily halted a controversial ordinance that restricts charities from feeding the homeless in public."

During the New Deal efforts were made to help the homeless. For example, many thousands of impoverished youth--who were riding (and living) on trains and looking for work--were given employment, food, and shelter, in the Civilian Conservation Corps. Today, such an idea would be shouted down as "godless communism!" So, with that avenue shut down, we craft other policies and actions to address homelessness--like arresting people for offering food to those in need.

Welcome to the Reverse New Deal: An all-out attack on the homeless.  

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