Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A plea to those who are planning to vote for Trump or Clinton: Please... please... don't do this

When I realize that my likely two choices for president are (a) Trump, a man supported by David Duke, the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, or (b) Clinton, a woman supported by white collar criminals, it makes me feel like Constable Mike Anderson in the Stephen King movie, The Storm of the Century...

In The Storm of the Century, the townspeople of Little Tall Island, Maine, are confronted with a choice: Surrender one of their children to the wizard Linoge, or the whole town will be destroyed (or so the wizard threatens). This is similar to the "lesser of two evils" choice that today's political elite often present us with. For example, if Hillary wins the Democratic nomination, the political elite on the Democratic side will tell Bernie Sanders' supporters, "You better vote for Hillary, or something much worse will happen!"

I cannot, in good conscience, vote for a man (Trump) who calls women "bimbos," promotes the beating of protesters, and says he will tell the Chinese, "Listen, you motherf*&kers, we're going to tax you 25%." I also cannot, in good conscience, vote for a woman (Clinton) who is backed by people who have engaged in all manner of financial crimes - people who financially prey upon the poor and the weak, with glee, so that they can have lives of great luxury (big bank executives, hedge fund managers, predatory lenders, super-wealthy investors, etc.).

If confronted with these choices--choices that go against everything I believe in--I will write in "Sanders," vote for Jill Stein (the Green Party candidate), or not vote at all.

Bernie Sanders is offering us a chance that comes around very rarely, a chance to begin to get big money out of our political system. A chance to begin to get those who benefit off the misery of others out of our government. I emphasize "begin" because, contrary to economist Paul Krugman's ridiculous (and continuous) assertions, we are very aware that change will not occur overnight with a Sanders victory.

Ultimately, the townspeople of Little Tall Island voted to give up one of their children to Linoge. But whether Linoge could have carried out his threat to kill everyone is debatable, since one of his spells had failed earlier. Also, after the child was given away, the mother yelled out "You tricked us!" Linoge replied, "Perhaps you tricked yourselves."

Let's not make the same mistake as the townspeople of Little Tall Island. Let's stick to our basic principles: Let's not support bigotry, and let's not give white collar criminals a "get-out-of-jail-free" card - as Obama has done, and as Clinton will continue to do (to secure future campaign financing).

So again, I make the same plea as Constable Anderson: Don't do this. Please. Please.


  1. It's debatable if Killery has turned in her right to call herself a human once she capitulated to the Obama/neocon agenda of permanent war. By the standards of the Nuremberg Tribunals after WW2, she, Obama, Jarrett, Bush, Cheney, etc should all be tried for crimes against humanity. Ironic that she once spoke out against the vast right wing conspiracy when her husband was the target but now is a willing participant and has become Dick Cheney in drag in effect.

    1. The difference between the right-wing establishment and the left-wing establishment (supposedly left-wing anyway) has become increasingly blurred, especially in foreign policy areas like military adventures and trade deals - which both sides seem to have embraced.

  2. Brent, you should have a button for "like"; I would be pressing it all the time :)

    In any case, also remember what HRC has done with immigration, and how she is trying to mend her tarnished image by making believe she is everyone's "abuela," yet she promoted horrors in Honduras and the northern triangle countries, which have present day implications in the deportation news of today, never mind the for profit prisons we know she surreptitiously supports.

    Take a look at my own blog, where I implore people to vote. Though I don't explicitly tell anyone to vote for one or the other, it's pretty clear! http://adjunct-justice.blogspot.com/2016/02/your-vote-your-voice.html

    Besos, not borders,

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    1. Thanks for the feedback Ana. I might look into adding a Facebook widget. Your blog post was good. Very ironic how someone who can't vote is so committed to getting others registered. We need more people like her. And, perhaps even more urgent, we need existing voters to be more aware of what's happening around them (e.g., Wall Street buying politicians).

  3. I totally agree Brent! This is why it's so important to post these blogs, and to spread them :)

    Speaking of which, yes, definitely put a widget on yours so people know when you've answered back! I almost forgot to look, hahaha!

    Luckily, I have you automatically coming to my mail, as well as to my page, so a lot of other folks see your stand, which is the best way for more people to see and share good ideas at work!

    Your post for today, for instance, is a real eye opener too: I hope people read it. SO thank you for all the great work you do!