Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Reverse New Deal: The middle-class & poor have become a bait ball for America's financial predators

Above: Harry Hopkins delivering a radio speech, 1936. In 1938, when former president Herbert Hoover claimed that the New Deal was leading the nation towards fascism, Hopkins' reply highlighted the true spirit and intention of the New Deal: "Is it dictatorship to try to operate a government for all the people and not just a few? Is it dictatorship to guarantee the deposits of small depositors, and keep phony stocks and bonds off the market? Is it dictatorship to save millions of homes from foreclosure? Is it dictatorship to give a measure of protection to millions who are economically insecure and jobs to other millions who can't find work? Is it dictatorship to try to put a floor under wages and a ceiling over working hours?" ("Hopkins denies relief waste in reply to Hoover on fascism," Washington Post, May 9, 1938). Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Above: This brief video clip is a good representation of what has been done (and continues to be done) to the middle-class & poor. Every manner of financial predator has feasted on them, thriving on their misery: Abusive debt collectors, white collar criminals, payday lenders, private prisons that lobby for more incarceration, defense contractors that lobby for more war, hedge funds that profit from economic turmoil, police who target minorities to boost local revenue, judges who jail poor people because they can't afford hefty fines, state governments that have implemented regressive tax systems, wealthy investors who have suppressed wages, municipalities that feed their citizens contaminated water to pay for tax breaks for the rich, and the list goes on and on and on. Indeed, our entire society has been fully transformed into a culture of predation - where we look upon one another, not as people, but as financial transactions. And the worst part is... we keep putting politicians in office who are backed by the very people who are preying upon us.

Considering how Americans financially victimize each other, is it any wonder that the number of suicides--and the number of deaths of despair--keeps going up and up? Is it any wonder that about 9 million Americans had suicidal thoughts last year? During the New Deal, there was a greater focus on helping people, and the suicide rate went down.  

But we're not living in the New Deal, are we? So, welcome to the Reverse New Deal, where the middle-class & poor have become a bait ball for America's financial predators.

Note: No offense intended to the birds, sea lions dolphins, and sharks in the video above, by comparing them to America's financial predators.

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