Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bernie or Bust? Yes! We want a New Deal, not more white collar crime and plutocracy (even if that crime and plutocracy comes with a teaspoon of sugar)

Above: FDR and his fellow New Deal policymakers offered bold programs for a nation in need, for example, public jobs in the CCC and WPA. And they reined in Wall Street by creating Glass-Steagall and the SEC. Bernie Sanders will try to carry on this tradition. Hillary Clinton will not. She will, instead (as Obama has done), hire and appoint Wall Street insiders to important government positions, where they can maintain the plutocratic status quo. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.
The talking heads and the elite opinion-writers have been getting angrier and angrier at Bernie Sanders and his supporters, essentially telling them, "Alright, alright! It's time to cut out this nonsense! Stop being immature and start backing Clinton and her crooked funders!"

Charles Blow, in the New York Times, recently scolded Susan Sarandon for hesitating to say whether she would cast a vote for Hillary Clinton if Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee. Further, he warns progressives (after implying that some of them are just absolutely bonkers) that they had better cast a vote for the lesser of two evils: "Elections are about choices, not always between a dream candidate and a dreaded one, but sometimes between common sense and catastrophe. Progressives had better remember this come November, no matter who the Democratic nominee is." This, of course, is the lesser-of-two-evils threat that is always put out there to scare progressives into voting Republican-light (and if we don't ignore it, they'll just keep threatening us with it, every four years, for the rest of our lives).

Paul Krugman, who has been campaigning for Hillary for months now, agrees with Blow, basically telling Sanders and his supporters, "Hey little kids, time to grow up now. Time to support Clinton and her corporate crooks. Time to stop criticizing them." He writes, dismissively: "For Sanders campaign staff, and also for anyone who has been backing his insurgency, it’s been one heck of a ride, and they would understandably like it to go on as long as possible. But we’ve now reached the point where what’s fun for the campaign isn’t at all the same as what’s good for America." (As if plutocracy and continued financial fraud is.)

To the Democratic Elite (like Krugman), Sanders' supporters (like me) are simply doing this for "fun." You know, like children flicking water at each other in a swimming pool. What they don't understand, is that we are sick and tired of white collar criminals, plutocracy, trade deals that stagnate our wages, and a Democratic Establishment that protects loan sharks and puts Wall Street cronies in important government positions - so that our rigged economy stays rigged. They just can't fathom why we're not willing to support another Wall Street-backed candidate, even after Wall Street has destroyed our finances, put us in insurmountable debt, and put our future in jeopardy with perpetual fraud and insatiable greed.

To the Democratic Establishment: If the best you can do, after years and years of record-setting Wall Street fraud, is a Wall Street-backed candidate, then it is you who are bonkers. You see, some of us are willing to fight to the bitter end, even if that end puts us in greater misery. Because, and this may seem alien to you, we feel that some things are worth fighting for, for example, democracy, truth, and a just economy. And if we can't get those things, then yes, let the whole morally rotted system collapse in on itself.

Bernie or Bust? Yes! We want a New Deal, not more white collar crime and plutocracy (yes Democratic Establishment, even if you deliver that crime and plutocracy to us with a teaspoon of sugar).

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