Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Conservative Noise Machine smears Clinton; the Clinton Noise Machine shuts out the public; and the Sanders Noise Machine asks for a New Deal

Statues of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (in his wheelchair) and his dog Fala at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Washington, D.C.
Above: A statue of President Roosevelt at the FDR Memorial in Washington, DC. Roosevelt surrounded himself with progressives and fighters, like Harry Hopkins, Harold Ickes, Mary Dewson, and Marriner Eccles. If Hillary Clinton becomes president, we can be sure that she will follow Obama's practice of appointing and nominating Wall Street insiders and Wall Street apologists into positions of power. That's how the 1% maintain their wealth, and prevent everyone else from escaping stagnant wages, debt, and homelessness. Photo courtesy of Carol Highsmith and the Library of Congress.

A few weeks ago, Mother Jones journalist Kevin Drum said millennial and progressive voters have been manipulated into distrusting Hillary Clinton by the political right. He claimed that their distrust is "the ultimate proof of how the right wing's big lie about the Clintons has successfully poisoned not just the electorate in general, but even the progressive movement itself." He concluded by writing: "But the truth is that regardless of how she sometimes sounds, her record is pretty clear: Hillary Clinton really is fundamentally honest and trustworthy. Don't let the conservative noise machine persuade you otherwise."

Okay, Mr. Drum, we won't let the conservative noise machine persuade us otherwise. We'll just let Hillary Clinton's record persuade us otherwise- a record she's been apologizing for quite a bit lately.

Drum feels that right-wing inflated scandals, like Whitewater, Troopergate, and Benghazi are turning millennials and progressives against Clinton. But I suspect that most millennials and progressives are less concerned about those things than they are about her militarism, her vote to make bankruptcy more difficult for struggling Americans, and the campaign cash she receives from financial fraudsters on Wall Street. I suspect that they find her untrustworthy because she won't release the transcripts of what she told her buddies at Goldman Sachs - an institution that has frequently engaged in financial wrongdoing.

What's really ironic about Drum's concern about the "conservative noise machine," is that Clinton actually used a real noise machine to prevent the public from hearing what she told her wealthy donors in Colorado. Most of us heard the original story, and now an attendee of the event has apparently verified Clinton's use of the sound machine: "I can confirm without any doubt that there was a white noise machine set up on the perimeter to prevent the public and reporters from hearing what Hillary Clinton said" (emphasis added). The attendee goes on to say that Clinton didn't say anything newsworthy, but her noise machine "seemed to underscore the exclusivity of the event. I thought it was really surprising." Of course, whether she said anything newsworthy is in the ear of the beholder.

As conservatives use their noise machine to smear Clinton, and Clinton uses her noise machine to separate herself & her wealthy donors from the middle-class & poor, Bernie Sanders' supporters are using their noise machine (their voices, words, and $27 donations) to ask for a New Deal: A deal where wealthy lawbreakers are held accountable just like non-wealthy lawbreakers; a deal where politicians are not beholden to big money and don't make policies to please them; a deal where millionaires & billionaires pay more taxes, instead of hiding their money in offshore accounts with the assistance of the politicians they are giving campaign cash to; a deal where America's infrastructure is given higher priority than military adventures in the Middle East; a deal where Wall Street insiders are not appointed to government positions where they can enforce the status quo of extreme income & wealth inequality.

Which noise machine do you like best?

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