Saturday, May 14, 2016

At the same time that they're ridiculing progressives, the Democratic Party is enlisting conservatives and right-wing donors to host their national convention

Above: In the first half of this video clip from Thom Hartmann's show, The Big Picture, Hartman highlights the corporate and right-wing figures who are hosting this year's Democratic National Convention. These are people who, to one degree or another, promote fracking, promote the TPP, promote the elimination of the Affordable Care Act, and promote the privatization (i.e., dismantling) of Medicare and Social Security. Hartmann's guest, trial lawyer Mike Papantonio, says, "Progressives no longer have a place in the Democratic Party... If you're a Democrat right now, change your registration." YouTube link:  

2016 should be forever remembered as the year the Democratic Party fully embraced it's shift to the right side of the political spectrum. As they've solicited campaign cash from Wall Street, Republicans donors, corporate lobbyists, etc., they've mocked progressives. For example, anyone who is even half-paying attention to Hillary Clinton and her supporters is aware that they've been poo-pooing the idea of free public college and universal health coverage (even though it's done in other developed countries); that they've labeled Bernie Sanders and his supporters "pie-in-the sky dreamers" who don't now how the government works; and that they've frequently implied that Bernie Sanders' supporters are misogynists.

If you're a progressive, or a liberal Democrat, or an Independent who believes that public policy can promote the common good, and you're supporting Hillary Clinton, I think you need to ask yourself, "Why am I supporting a woman who is backed by financial fraudsters, backed by donors who support right-wing causes, and backed by corporate lobbyists who value investor profits over the economic security of tens of millions of workers?"

Voting for the Democratic Establishment is positive reinforcement for bad behavior. It's like giving your dog a treat every time it poops on your carpet.

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