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Blaming Sanders' supporters for a Trump victory: The jaw-dropping arrogance and stupidity of some (not all) of Hillary Clinton's most ardent supporters.

Above: Support and vote for Jill Stein. She's not crooked and bought like Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Establishment, and she's not crazy and hateful like Donald Trump and the Republican Establishment. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia, used here under the CCA-2.0 Generic license.

All across the Internet, many of Hillary Clinton's supporters are mocking, scolding, and insulting die-hard Bernie Sanders supporters. At the same time, they're demanding that Sanders supporters vote for Hillary Clinton... and also arguing that if they don't vote for Hillary they'll be responsible for a Trump presidency and, possibly, nuclear war.

Let's consider the arrogance and stupidity of this for a minute. During the primaries, poll after poll after poll showed Bernie Sanders doing better than Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head match-up against Donald Trump (see video clips below). We pointed this out to Clinton supporters, who typically replied--in the spirit of Bill O'Reilly--"millennials just want free stuff!" or "Sanders' big goals are impractical, foolish, and pie-in-the-sky dreaming!" or "Early polls don't matter!!" Further, the Clinton campaign (through campaign finance money laundering), the DNC (by working to undermine Bernie Sanders' and his movement), and the mainstream media (by refusing to cover Bernie Sanders for more than a few minutes a day, and then distorting his message when they did talk about him) all conspired--whether by design or by coincidence--to subvert the democratic process and secure the nomination for Hillary Clinton. It was so important for them to have the first woman president--and, apparently, to continue Wall Street-friendly policies--that they were willing to undermine American democracy and force it down our throats.

In sum, we warned the Democratic Establishment that Sanders was consistently polling-better than Hillary; the Democratic Establishment scoffed at those warnings and instead chose to rig the primaries in favor of Hillary; and now, the Democratic Establishment and their supporters are blaming us for the fact that Trump is currently beating Hillary in the polls and may end up in the Oval Office. wow, Wow, WOW!

Above: In this video clip, Cenk Uygar of the Young Turks explains how Sanders was beating Clinton in head-to-head match-ups against Republicans. YouTube link:  

Die-hard Clinton supporters are denying that the primaries were rigged, of course, but when the chair of the DNC resigns in shame, and DNC staffers apologize for their behavior, and the Democratic leader of the U.S. Senate says, "Everybody knew that this was not a fair deal," can there be any doubt that (a) the primaries were indeed rigged and that our democracy was subverted by the Democratic Establishment, and (b) many of Hillary's supporters looked the other way while it was happening; and now behave as though the rigging of the primaries was nothing worse than a little schoolyard prank. Shame on them. And shame on the media (including some progressive outlets) for downplaying this electoral fraud, out of fear of a Trump presidency. Fear of the future is not a justification for hiding political corruption from the public.

And now these same people demand that we forget about all the fraud, and eagerly support their candidate Hillary. Yes, they ignored the polls, mocked us, rigged the primaries (or stood by and let it happen)... and now declare, from their unethical perch, "You better support us! You better vote for Hillary, or YOU will be responsible for Trump being in the White House!" Isn't that amazing? I'm not sure if I've ever seen this level of arrogance before, not in my entire lifetime.

Above: In this video clip, we see Bill O'Reilly flabbergasted by polls showing Bernie Sanders handily beating Republican candidates. YouTube link:

The New Fad: Shaming Sanders' Supporters and Blaming Them for the End of the World   

Andy Ostroy, a political commentator whose opinions sometimes appear on the Huffington Post, is a prime example of the "you-better-vote-for-Hillary-or-else" arrogance. In a recent piece, he wrote the following (my responses in parenthesis):

"The boos at the mere mention of Hillary Clinton’s name [during the Democratic National Convention] were loud and forceful. And at this point in time, they were quite surprising and unsettling. Whether they are deserved or not is another question." (No, "whether they are deserved" is the central question - and they are deserved.)

"what we don’t get is your continued inability to see the stark differences between Clinton and Donald Trump." (We see the difference quite clearly. What does that have to do with the Democratic Establishment undermining the democratic process and rigging the primaries?)

[With respect to supposedly not seeing the differences between Trump and Clinton] "Not even after several rousing speeches by Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders at the opening night of the Democratic convention drew you a picture of these differences, and the gravity of the situation." (Here's the thing: We're less interested in "rousing speeches," and more interested in policies and action.)

"Do you really want to throw this country's future away by handing the election over to an ignorant, sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, racist dictator-in-training?" (No, that's why we kept warning you about the polls showing Sanders having a much better shot at beating Trump.)

"Do you really want Trump as the role model for your children?" (No, and we don't want a pack of cheaters--the Democratic Establishment--as role models either.)

"With all due respect, you’re beginning to sound like a bunch of petulant children who kick and scream whenever they don't get everything they want. You’re the equivalent of the sandlot brat who whines 'it’s my ball' and quits the game because he doesn't like the way it's being played or because he's not winning." (Oh my God, this guy is soooo arrogant. He's essentially saying that if we don't like the fact that the primaries were rigged--i.e., the way the "game" is being played--we're "petulant children.")

"If you fail to show up for Hillary in November, and Trump wins, then your revolution will prove to be nothing more than a faddish exercise in futility by privileged white millennials who shamefully cut off their noses to spite their faces, while destroying everything that Sanders worked to achieve for you." (This is a not-so-subtle way of saying, "You'll be responsible for a Trump presidency and all the awful things that will ensue." According to Ostroy, Clinton supporters won't be responsible--even after ignoring the polls--but we'll be responsible. Oh, the irony and the arrogance!)

"With Trump you’ll get a big fat sweaty middle-finger shoved in your face." (You mean, kinda like the middle-finger you're shoving in our face us right now, and have been shoving in our face for the last several months?)

Above: In this recent video clip, we see that Trump is now beating Hillary in the polls, as many earlier polls had indicated would happen - polls that Hillary's most strident supporters claimed were ridiculous. YouTube link:

One Man's Foolishness? Or the Belief of Many?

Now, some people might think that Ostroy's blabbering is just one guy's opinion, no big deal. Trust me, I follow the news like a hawk and I read comments to news stories with avid curiosity. I can tell you that he is very reflective of many Hillary supporters. They have nothing but contempt for the folks who supported Sanders, and are demanding that Sanders' supporters--after being tricked--immediately pledge their allegiance to Hillary and her fellow Wall Street marionettes. For example, here are some of the comments to Ostroy's piece, which I've seen time and time again during this whole electoral process (my comments in parenthesis):

"These Bernie or Bust-ers are no better than Trump supporters..." (Not all Trump supporters are bad people. Many of them know that the current political establishments--both Democrat and Republican--have not served them well - they just don't know how to fix it. For example, many Trump supporters think that more tax-breaks-for-the-wealthy will help, not realizing that low taxes on the wealthy have been the main cause of our economic and national debt problems for the last 30-40 years.)

"A true liberal doesn't allow for Trump or other republicans to win by choosing to abstain from voting or by voting for a spoiler candidate." (So, a true liberal doesn't have voting freedom? They must vote as others bully them to?)

"they'd rather pout" (No, we'd rather have a democracy instead of a plutocracy.)

"No amount of reasoning is going to reach the liberal wing of the tea party (B o B's), not Bernie himself or anyone else, fortunately for the country they are in the minority and we will elect Hillary with or with out them." (Good, if you don't need us then stop telling us how to vote.)

"They are throwing away progress, they are throwing away our future! You are not only going to make Trump president with this attitude, but you are sending all the incredible changes you and Bernie made with the political revolution down the drain..." (There haven't been any incredible changes, I don't understand what this person is talking about. Bernie was talking about changes, but since he didn't win the nomination his agenda will slowly fade away under Clinton & Kaine's neoliberal agenda.)

"Trying to talk to a Bernie or Bust holdout is frighteningly similar to trying to talk to a Trump supporter. They both hate Hillary to an irrational degree, will attack YOU if you try to reason with them and are both working to elect Trump." (Wait a minute, we tried to "reason" with you months ago, pointing out that the polls were consistently showing Sanders doing better against Trump...and you attacked us!)

"Well said, Andy. All these whiny 'busters' need to get over themselves and move on. Real adults understand that Life is frequently about compromises... Sometimes you get a little sand on your hot dog. Oh, boo-hoo. Get behind Hillary and stop Trump from happening. I'll tell you this...if you DON'T vote or opt to vote for Trump purely out of spite, I wouldn't go around bragging about it after the Orange One moves into the white house." (So, let me get this straight, the subversion of the democratic process is equivalent to "a little sand on your hot dog"? Is that all democracy is to you, just a hot dog?)

"Dear Bernie or Busters, this isn't High school. This is the real world where a madman is a heartbeat away from the codes to 4000 nuclear missiles." (Hmmm, so now we'll be responsible for nuclear war if we don't vote for Hillary? Even after we warned you about the polls showing Hillary more vulnerable to Trump than Sanders?)

Here's a message for Hillary Clinton's salespeople: I don't buy into those who ignore legitimate warnings, subvert our democracy, and then try to shame us into accepting fraudulent election results. And there are millions like me, who dislike being punched in the gut and then told, "Now kiss my feet!"

Sorry Hillary Shills, we will not goose-step behind your arrogance. If Trump wins, that's on you. You were warned, now own it.

(This blog post is not intended to condemn everyone who will vote for Hillary, of course. Many of them understand, all too well, why some people--like myself--simply cannot bring themselves to vote for a candidate with such a checkered past of lies, deception, secretiveness, and bad policy decisions. Likewise, I understand why they might vote for Hillary Clinton as the seeming lesser of two evils. Trump is definitely a frightening candidate.)

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