Monday, February 27, 2017

The Anti-New Deal Democratic Establishment just threw two more pies in the face of Progressives

Above: This short video clip, from an episode of Our Gang, reminds me of what the Democratic Establishment has been doing to Progressives for a long time now.

Over the weekend, Clinton-supporter Tom Perez beat Sanders-supporter (and Progressive) Keith Ellison for leadership of the DNC. Barack Obama, who was a major supporter of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former (and corrupt) DNC chair, was no doubt pleased with the outcome, since his former aides and operatives were instrumental in getting Perez to run against Ellison in the first place. With a Perez victory, Obama and his corporate pals know that the financial industry will continue to control the democratic party. This was the first pie-in-the-face. The DNC also voted to continue taking corporate campaign cash (bribes), despite Progressive opposition. This was the second pie-in-the-face. (See, "The Bernie Wing Is Starting To Make Peace With Tom Perez: DNC members poked Berniecrats in the eye. Do they care?", Huffington Post, February 26, 2017).

Yes, Progressives have been played for suckers - again. They had two more pies thrown in their face, courtesy of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and all the other corporate Democrats who still control the party. Perez made an empty peace offering to Progressives, by naming Ellison as his deputy chair - a position with zero power and, we can be sure, zero influence. This was similar to Chuck Schumer naming Bernie Sanders as director of outreach, or whatever the position is called. It's the equivalent of putting someone in charge of a remote desert outpost, while all the action is going on back home.

But all of this is nothing new of course. Progressives have been punked for decades now by the anti-New Deal Democratic Party leadership and their corporate donors. Here are some of the anti-Progressive things that Corporate Democrats have voted for, caused, supported, or enabled (click on links for details):

5. Social Security reduction and privatization.
10. A Republican take-over of federal and state governments, and a high probability that there will be a right-wing led constitutional convention within the next few years.

Above: In this video clip, from a February 2017 episode of Thom Hartmann's show "The Big Picture," activist Eleanor Goldfield says that "the left needs to divorce itself from the Democrats; it's been an abusive relationship that's been going on for far too long. And the Democrats are not going to reform, they're un-reformable..." I agree. You can find the full discussion at

The arrogant and elite Corporate Democrats have made a habit of rubbing the noses of Progressives in the dung of their corporate-friendly policies. Whether it's Obama backing away from the public option, or Hillary snickering at the idea of a political revolution, the democratic establishment LOVES making Progressives look like wide-eyed fools. Heck, right after Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned from her post at the DNC, for her role in rigging the primaries, Hillary Clinton made her the "honorary chair" of her campaign. This was essentially telling Bernie Sanders and his supporters, "Ha ha, I'm hiring the woman who tilted the tables against your candidate! And you dummies are still going to vote for me because you don't have anywhere else to go. Who are you going to vote for, Trump?? Suckers!" 

Many Progressives are still trying to change the Democratic Party. While the efforts are well-intended, they're also foolish and dangerous. They're foolish because the Clintons and Obamas of the Democratic Party are not going to let go, or even get out of the way. They've lost 1,000 political offices across the nation these past several years and they won't rest until the Democratic Party is completely destroyed. And trying to change the Democratic Party is dangerous because we end up wasting precious time. A Progressive Party could take full advantage of all of Trump's blunders. Instead, we're letting Corporate Democrats sap our energy with intra-party fighting. This heightens the possibility of Trump winning a second term, and Republicans gobbling up even more state legislatures.

Here's a prediction: Donald Trump will serve two terms, and there will be a right-wing-led constitutional convention within the next few years that will fundamentally change the way we live (and not for the better, unless you're a fan of theocracy and children carrying guns) – because (a) the Democratic Establishment is owned by Corporate America, and (b) Progressives don’t have the gumption, or the organization skills, to form their own political party. With respect to the latter, there are hundreds of little Progressive protests, media organizations, think thanks, advocacy groups, etc. But they don't communicate or coordinate with each other very well (if at all), and thus end up operating like a hundred little echo chambers.  

I hope I'm wrong but, with everything I'm seeing, I'm afraid my prediction will be 100% accurate.

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