Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The WPA Honored Our Veterans

(Annapolis National Cemetery, photo by Brent McKee.

Across the country, WPA workers cleaned, repaired, and improved cemeteries, including many veterans cemeteries. At Annapolis National Cemetery (above)--created by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, and now on the National Register of Historic Places--the WPA built & repaired structures, installed utilities, realigned headstones, and more.

(WPA workers erecting a flag pole at Baltimore National Cemetery--a flag pole that still flies the American flag today. Image from the University of Maryland College Park Archives.)

Some people called (and still call) the WPA projects "wasteful" and "boondoggles." It's a shame that some people are so negative and cynical that they label infrastructure improvements, art, theater, national defense enhancement, school construction, and improvements to veterans cemeteries "wasteful."

(Flag pole at Baltimore National Cemetery, photo by Brent McKee.)

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