Thursday, October 17, 2013

FDR--Economic Bill of Rights Conference at Columbia University

Above: President Franklin Roosevelt proposes a "Second Bill of Rights" for economic security. Among the rights he proposes are "the right to a useful and remunerative job, the right to earn enough to provide adequate food, and clothing, and recreation." Sadly, America has "dropped the ball" with respect to FDR's proposal, but dedicated citizens are still trying to push America towards this Second Bill of Rights...and away from the apathetic and mean-spirited policies that govern us today. (Original YouTube link at

Above: Flyer for An Economic Bill of Rights for the 21st Century conference, at Columbia University, Friday, October 18, 2013. You can download the flyer at

Live Stream!

The conference organizers are planning to Live Stream their event at Tune in!

"A Useful and Remunerative Job"

Above: For the millions of unemployed Americans, a right to "a useful and remunerative job" would be a godsend. As it is now, they face endless insults & insinuations of laziness from right-wing politicians and pundits, they have to deal with heartless debt collection agencies sent after them by the very financial institutions that destroyed their jobs, they live in an economy that offers mostly low-paying jobs (that they are frequently overqualified for and thus not considered for interviews), and they face bankruptcy laws designed to make it difficult to escape the hell of debt and financial dread. There's a better way to treat our fellow citizens, and the conference at Columbia University is one of many efforts to inform Americans about that better way. In sum, it's about compassion towards others, and public policies designed to lift people up, not tear them down. It's about creating opportunities, not stereotyping people who are crying out for help as "takers" and "parasites."

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