Saturday, May 17, 2014

California burns while millions continue to struggle with unemployment

(News coverage of a wildfire in San Diego, May 2014. Original YouTube link here:

Currently, California is being pummeled with drought and wildfires. At the same time, millions of unemployed workers struggle with the lack of jobs in America (see, e.g.,

During the New Deal, the CCC helped prevent wildfires by clearing out dead trees and vegetation (items which serve as fuel for wildfires), and WPA workers created thousands of miles of firebreaks. These two groups also fought fires directly.

We could do the same today, if our political "leaders" in Washington, DC weren't so busy trying to protect the fortunes of their billionaire campaign contributors. Even unemployed workers who are not fit enough to perform physical labor could fill support roles.

Today, unfortunately, the common good has been thrown out the window, and personal profit and greed reigns supreme. Therefore, the fires will rage on and millions will continue to look for non-existent jobs.

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