Monday, December 8, 2014

The Reverse New Deal - An all-out attack on the homeless (part 4 of 10): Sledge Hammer

Above: In this 2013 video we see Hawaii State Representative Tom Brower (Democrat, 23rd District) using a sledge hammer to destroy the shopping carts that homeless people use to carry their belongings in. Brower feigns concern about the theft of shopping carts but, we know of course, that he really just wants the homeless to go away. If he were so concerned about the theft of the shopping carts, would he really destroy the carts when he finds them (imagine a police detective finding your stolen car, and then smashing it with a sledge hammer)? In any event, what type of message does it send to children and teens when a community leader uses a sledge hammer to address the problem of homelessness? (See yesterday's blog post, "Violence")

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