Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sissy Spacek and the WPA

In The Waltons television series, in the episode "The Odyssey" (1973), actress Sissy Spacek plays the character Sarah Jane Simmons.  John Boy, in attempt to find some peace and quiet, happens upon Sarah Jane in an abandoned cabin.  The following exchange occurs:

John Boy (upon learning of Sarah Jane's pregnancy): "Where's your husband?"

Sarah Jane: "Oh, he's in Norfolk.  See, he got laid off from his job, so he went to go look for work in a WPA project..."

I always find it interesting when the WPA is mentioned in popular media.  Here, the WPA is portrayed as a safety net.  When someone was laid off, the WPA offered the possibility of re-employment.  It was an agency that offered some hope.

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