Sunday, September 20, 2015

America's New Deal Navy: Destroyers USS Flusser and USS Reid

Above: The PWA provided funds for the construction of the U.S.S. Flusser (DD-368). The Flusser saw a large amount of combat in the Pacific theater of the war, especially from kamikaze attacks. She also supported numerous convoys and land invasions. She earned eight battle stars. Photo courtesy of U.S. Navy and

Above: The PWA also provided construction funds for the U.S.S. Reid (DD-369). This photo shows the Reid at Dutch Harbor, Alaska, on September 6, 1942, transferring five prisoners from the Japanese submarine RO-61, which the Reid had helped sink near Adak Island a few days earlier. She also engaged the enemy at places like Guadalcanal, New Guinea, and Wake Island, earning a total of seven battle stars. Photo courtesy of the National Archives and the Naval History and Heritage Command.

The Flusser and Reid could travel at 40+ knots, had twelve 21-inch torpedo tubes, five 5-inch guns, and anti-aircraft weapons.  

Sources of information: (1) Federal Works Agency, Millions for Defense, Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1940. (2) "Executive Order 6174 on Public Works Administration, June 16, 1933," American Presidency Project, University of California - Santa Barbara. (3) Naval History and Heritage Command ( (4) "Brooklyn Navy Yard History: The New Deal Yard, 1933-1937, Part 2," Columbia University. This article lists all 32 PWA-funded ships, citing: "'Ships Under NIRA,' in Letter, Inspector of Naval Material (H.I. Thompson), to Commandants (of navy yards), (and others), 20 September 1933; RG181; National Archives - New York."

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