Wednesday, April 4, 2018

New Deal Celestial Art (2/5): "Constellation"

Above: "Constellation," an artwork by Georg Redlich (1918 or 1919, to 1941), created while he was in the WPA, ca. 1935-1941. "Constellation" is described as a "Brush and black wash on buff wove paper." There is little or no information about Redlich on the Internet, but it seems he died in a car accident, at age 22, just as his career was beginning to flourish ("Georg F. Redlich, Young Artist, Is Killed In Wreck," Chicago Tribune, December 22, 1941). The article reported that his "paintings hang in the Art Institute [of Chicago] and several other Chicago galleries." An earlier article noted that he was a "young scholarship student at the Art Institute" (Chicago Tribune, March 10, 1940). Image courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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  1. I put up a short article on Georg Redlich (George Redlich) on The Volunteer blog. Redlich briefly served in the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War.