Thursday, January 27, 2022

Listen to the WPA's Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra

Above: Part of an article about the WPA's Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra, from the Daily News (New York City), November 12, 1936. Note: This is not necessarily the same broadcast that you will hear below. Image courtesy of, used here for educational and non-commercial purposes.

Above: The WPA's Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra plays on the radio, ca. 1936. Note that the radio host discusses the WPA in the beginning, and then again at 7:08-7:36, and then one final time at 14:05- 14:26. If you have any problem listening to the audio, try refreshing your web page or clicking the "pop out" button in the upper right-hand corner of the audio box (if you don't see the "pop-out" button, move your mouse pointer to the upper-right hand corner of the audio box and it should appear).


  1. Hi Brent,
    It's great to get your New Deal of the Day missives.
    I heard Economist and Law Professor Robert Hockett yesterday on the Background Briefing pod assert with facts and clarity that a WPA program would solve the current supply shortage in the USA while it would boost domestic production as FDR did, particularly during the early 1940s. Hockett notes that global transport of of production and end products--especially trans-oceanic shipping--has captured an absurd amount of the global economic pie especially now as supply cannot--or will not because of market forces--meet demand.
    P.S. Let us know when you post your 10th anniversary New Deal of the Day.

  2. Thanks David, I appreciate that. Yeah, I guess my ten-year anniversary will be coming up in December of this year. Thanks for reminding me, I probably wouldn't have noticed. I'll have to do something special for that 10-year post.

  3. Yea, you wouldn't have noticed because you are to busy making the obvious and mostly positive recent history of the New Deal visible to those in D.C. and state houses who refuse to see the truth of its superiority over the gross inequality, the private over the public and the crises that the imbalances cause.

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