Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The CCC Helped People Find Jobs

(CCC badge. Image courtesy of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources

"I came home in 1934, after 13 months in the CCC, returning to my hometown in Willisburg (Kentucky). I got married. I found my first job as a truck driver due to my CCC experience. Later I started working in a general merchandise store at a salary of $1.00 a day. After a few years I bought the store, where I served the public for 41 years until I retired in 1977. To me the CCC was a wonderful experience, and great character builder for us and even an education itself. I have always been grateful for the experience."

--Joe. S. Perkins, CCC Alumni, in the book "Roosevelt's Forest Army: A History of the Civilian Conservation Corps," by Perry H. Merrill, 1981.  

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