Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two Approaches to Misery

During the Great Depression, FDR and his administration responded to misery in certain & strong ways, i.e., the New Deal.

In our current 5-year long recession/stagnation--as 26 million people desire full-time work but can't find it (http://njfac.org/)--our political "leaders" are also responding to misery in a certain way.

Let's compare:

 Problem or Item
During the New Deal

Hire unemployed workers in programs like the WPA & CCC
Ignore the jobless; then furlough & lay-off government workers and government contractors
Senior Citizen Poverty
Create Social Security
Constantly threaten to reduce or get rid of Social Security  
Lay offs
Facilitate the creation/expansion of unemployment insurance
Cut back unemployment insurance and drug test the unemployed
Engage in the largest work and construction program in human history
Ignore deteriorating infrastructure, even after the American Society of Civil Engineers gives us a D+ in their recent infrastructure report card
Post Offices
Build 1,100 of them; part of the massive nationwide effort to increase work & construction
Sell the historic post office buildings, and the publicly-funded art inside the buildings, to private developers and individuals (i.e., sell our heritage)
Public Parks
Create and improve them
Cut their budgets, despite their huge positive economic effect for America
Unemployed Veterans
Give World War I veterans opportunities to work in the CCC, a program otherwise geared towards young adults
Senate Republicans block a bill to create a new CCC-type program for unemployed vets
The Stock Market and Financial System
Create the SEC and regulate against various types of fraud
Dilly-dally for 5-years, never really reforming anything, despite wide-spread securities fraud, insider trading, and money laundering

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