Sunday, May 5, 2013

1 Day Until "(What Should Be) National WPA Remembrance Day"

(Image courtesy of  Jonathunder and Wikipedia)

Ronald Reagan said: "The WPA was one of the most productive elements of FDR's alphabet soup of agencies because it put people to work building roads, bridges, and other gave men and women a chance to make some money along with the satisfaction of knowing they earned it."

Franklin Roosevelt said: "By building airports, schools, highways, and parks; by making huge quantities of clothing for the unfortunate; by serving millions of lunches to school children; by almost immeasurable kinds and quantities of service the Works Projects Administration has reached a creative hand into every county in this nation."

Since both the conservative icon and the progressive icon had great things to say about the WPA we, as a nation, will certainly honor the 8.5 million Americans who worked in the WPA, right?

Answer: Wrong. 

America does not not officially recognize the men and women of the WPA, despite their gargantuan accomplishments and gargantuan service to the nation. Isn't that remarkable? 

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