Thursday, May 2, 2013

4 Days Until "(What-Should-Be) National WPA Remembrance Day"

(Image courtesy of the National Archives)

The WPA was created by Executive Order 7034, on May 6, 1935. Among it's many accomplishments, the WPA built, repaired, and improved tens of thousands of schools. 

So, what will we, as a nation, do to commemorate the 8.5 million men and women who helped build, repair, and improve our schools and who, in many cases, subsequently served in the military and defense industries during World War 2 to preserve the freedom we have to utilize these schools?

Answer: Nothing. 

Isn't that amazing?

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  1. Land of snap decisions, land of short attention spans
    Where nothing is savored long enough to really understand
    In every culture in decline
    the watchful ones among the slaves
    Know all that is genuine
    will be scorned and conned and cast away.

    Joni Mitchell
    Dog Eat Dog